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Polyvinyl Alcohol

The applications are endless-adhesives, paper, textiles, oil field cementing, and ceramics; building and construction; films and packaging; even seed coating-we continue to find new Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol applications everyday. (View)

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Polymers for Personal Care

Personal care and apparel are just two types of consumer goods that benefit from Selvol™ Ultalux Sekisui’s cosmetic grade polyvinyl alcohol. With improved film formation, superior adhesion, range of viscosity control, and water solubility, these new grades can be used to manufacture products with increased efficiency and to make final products more appealing to customers. (View)

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NEW Polyvinyl Alcohol Copolymers

Use Selvol™ Ultiloc’s barrier packaging to improve the utility and efficiency of many polyvinyl alcohol products. Selvol Utiloc addresses issues such as product safety, taste, and shelf life to deliver a convenient, waste minimizing additive intended for a wide variety of challenges. (View)

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Additives for Oil Field

Fluid Loss Control is one of the oil industry’s highest concerns, and Selvol™ Premiol offers a solution. Launched in 2005, Selvol™ Premiol can help improve performance, productivity, cost control and the environment. (View)

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Expandable Microspheres

These thermo-expandable microspheres are a unique SEKISUI technology based on acrylonitrile copolymer. These tiny cells can expand more than 30-100 times in size or 50-80% in volume when subjected to heat, creating light weight, cost saving foams, textures, and coatings. The space created by the expansion and subsequent contraction of the cells creates a less dense material which can be used as cushion or texture, to dampen vibrations, improve flexibility, prevent slipping, prevent warping, seal or coat protectively, and insulate from heat. (View)

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CPVC Resin & Compound

Durastream is a line of high performance CPVC compounds and resins. CPVC or Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride is a popular thermoplastic produced through the chlorination of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. SEKISUI has unique chlorination process that gives Durastream CPVC resin superior heat, UV, and chemical resistance. SEKISUI has a long history of experience with both PVC and CPVC resins. (View)

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Polyvinyl Acetal Resins

This versatile product line is based on polyvinyl acetal resin technology. Products are divided into two families: S-LEC B or polyvinyl butyral and S-LEC K or polyvinyl acetoacetal. S-LEC B/K Resins are used in a wide variety of applications due to their high compatibility with a range of chemical structures. Our resins are trusted in adhesives, emulsions, water-based inks, MLCCs, safety glass, and many other applications. (View)

Water-Soluble Films

This patented series of films extends the range of potential applications for water soluble dosing. Advasol films can package a variety of chemicals and products previously thought to be too aggressive for this form of packaging. (View)