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The applications are endless-adhesives, paper, textiles, oil field cementing, and ceramics; building and construction; films and packaging; even seed coating-we continue to find new Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol applications everyday. (View)


Personal care and apparel are just two types of consumer goods that benefit from Selvol™ Ultalux’s improved film formation, superior adhesion, range of viscosity control, and water solubility. These new grades can be used to manufacture products with increased efficiency and make final products more appealing to customers. (View)

Personal CareApparel

Selvol™ Ultiloc for barrier packaging addresses issues such as product safety, taste, and shelf life to deliver a convenient, waste minimizing additive intended for a wide variety of challenges. (View)


Fluid Loss Control is one of the oil industry’s highest concerns, and Selvol™ Premiol offers a solution. Launched in 2005, Selvol™ Premiol can help improve performance, productivity, cost control and the environment. (View)

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