Selvol™ Ultalux SC Product Information

Advanced Hydration in Personal Care Formulations

Selvol™ Ultalux SC PVOH copolymer (INCI: VP/Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer) is a unique film former and adhesion promoter applicable in skin care, hair care and color cosmetics.

Selvol™ Ultalux SC provides a balance of film-forming performance and adhesion functionality with improved hydration for use in masks and peels, anti-aging creams and lotions, pore strips and scar treatment formulations. Selvol™ Ultalux SC is tested for high quality and purity and is verified as non-irritating on skin. The improved hydration makes it ideal for use in moisturizers, multipurpose creams and moisturizing masks.

Selvol™ Ultalux SC Functions

  • Adhesion promoter
  • Film former
  • Fixative
  • Moisturization
  • Viscosity enhancement/control

Applications of Selvol™ Ultalux SC in Personal Care Formulations

This polyvinyl alcohol copolymer can be used in cosmetics such as brow makeup, eye liners, eye shadow, and mascara; in hair care formulations for ethnic hair care/weaves, hair styling gels, and shampoos/conditioners; and in anti-aging products, body washes, facial masks and peels, pore strips, and scar treatment.

Selvol™ Ultalux SC Properties

Grade Viscosity, cps1 pH2 Tensile Strength, psi3 Modulus, psi Elongation at Break, % Adhesion to Glass, g
Selvol™ Ultalux SC 1,400 – 1,600 5.5 – 7.0 1,500 – 2,500 3,250 – 4,250 > 200 110 – 150

1. Viscosity of a 15% solution, 20°C
2. 4% Aqueous Solution
3. Tensile properties and adhesion were measured on films containing 12% PVOH and 3% glycerin after casting and drying in a controlled temperature and humidity room for 24 hours

Improved Hydration in Facial Mask Formulations

Selvol™ Ultalux SC, when compared to typical PVOH-based facial masks, imparts effective skin adhesion with flexible film-forming characteristics, exhibiting improved hydration.

Moisturizing Face Mask Formulation

Moisturization Ratio
(Area A/Area B)
Selvol™ Ultalux SC Face Mask 2.9
Typical PVOH Face Mask 2.5
Ingredient WT %
Water 71
Selvol™ Ultalux SC 12
Ethanol 12
Glycerin 2
PEG 400 2
Propylene Glycol 1


1. In mixing vessel with high speed mixer, add 15% Selvol™ Ultalux SC Solution
2. Add in Ethanol, Glycerin, PEG 400, Polysorbate-20, Preservatives, Fragrances and Extracts, with blending
3. Allow solution to de-aerate so that it is free of bubbles

  • > 15% improvement in hydration

  • 50% reduction in “Cook” time


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