Oil Field Cementing Applications

Our Selvol™ polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) resin works ideally as a fluid loss control additive in oil field cementing applications.

When mixed with Class H cement powder, water, a dispersant and a defoamer, this nonionic, low viscosity-producing additive prevents fluid from being lost to the formation in intermediate cementing operations. At bottom-hole circulating temperatures of up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s the most common fluid loss control additive in the world.

Additionally, using Selvol PVOH in oil field cementing applications doesn’t slow the set time at bottom-hole circulating temperatures.

Recipe for Success

Normal range for use in wells: 80°F to 190°F
Concentration: 0.5-2.0% BWOC

Slurry 1 Slurry 2
Composition Deionized water 39% BWOC 39% BWOC
Selvol™ Premiol LTC 90 0.75% BWOC 1% BWOC
Daxad 19 0.25% BWOC 0.5% BWOC
FP-6L Remainder Remainder
Class H cement 0.75% BWOC 1% BWOC
Test Temperature 110°F 110°F
FANN Rheology 300 rpm 140 136
100 rpm 55 53
6 rpm 4 4
3 rpm 3 3
PV, cPs 128 125
YP, pound/100 square feet 13 12
Filtration, 100 psi Average API fluid loss ml/30 min 40 31

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Additive for Oil Field Applications

Anti-fluid loss drilling additive