Oil Field Cementing Applications

Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol is perfectly suited for use as an oilfield fluid loss control additive in cementing applications. When mixed with Class H cement powder, water, a dispersant and defoamer, this non-ionic, low viscosity producing additive will prevent fluid from being lost to the formation in intermediate cementing operations. At bottom-hole circulating temperatures of up to 190°F, it is the most commonly used fluid loss control additive in the world.

An added benefit of utilizing Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol in oilfield cementing applications is that it will not retard the set-time at bottom-hole circulating temperatures.

Recipe for Success

Normal range for use in wells: 80°F to 190°F
Concentration: 0.5-2.0% BWOC

Slurry 1Slurry 2
CompositionDe-ionized water39% bwoc39% bwoc
Selvol™ Premiol LTC 900.75% bwoc1% bwoc
Daxad 190.25% bwoc0.5% bwoc
Class H Cement0.75% bwoc1% bwoc
Test Temperature110°F110°F
FANN Rheology300 rpm140136
100 rpm5553
6 rpm44
3 rpm33
PV, cPs128125
YP, lb/100 sq. ft.1312
Filtration, 100 psiAverage API fluid loss ml/30 min4031

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