Privacy Policy

In handling the personal information protected by applicable laws and regulations (“Personal Information”), Sekisui Specialty Chemicals America, LLC (“SSCA”), along with Sekisui Specialty Chemicals Europe S.L. (“SSCE”) and Sekisui Specialty Chemicals Mexico, S.DER.L.DE C.V. (“SSCM”) (Collectively “Sekisui Specialty Chemicals” or “SSC”) will comply with any and all provisions of such laws and regulations and shall establish its voluntary rules and protocol as well as its own privacy policy as follows to protect Personal Information, which SSC hereby commits to implement and maintain in good faith.

  1. SSC will prepare and establish rules on the protection of Personal Information and ensure that any and all of its employees (including directors, managers, officers, regular employees, part-time workers and temporary employees) comply with these rules. SSC will revise and improve these rules from time to time as necessary.
  1. SSC will take proper security measures, such as antivirus measures or measures against unauthorized access, to prevent any loss, damage, alteration or data breach of the Personal Information.
  1. SSC will obtain the Personal Information only in a legal and proper manner. SSC will never obtain Personal Information by any means prohibited by applicable laws and regulations. Before using Personal Information, SSC will obtain the prior consent of the customers or notify them of the information required via its website, in person or any other manners permitted by any applicable laws and regulations in relation to the purposes of its use.
  1. SSC will use Personal Information only for the purposes of use as separately determined to the extent required for the operation of its business, provided, however, that SSC reserves the right to use the Personal Information or disclose it as long as the applicable laws and regulations allow such use or disclosure.
  1. SSC hereby confirms that the customer has various legal rights to request SSC regarding Personal Information collected based on the applicable laws and regulations, such as right to know, correct, delete the Personal Information that may identify such customer, and will properly deal with such requests except in cases where it is exempted from doing so under such laws and regulations.
  1. SSC will properly deal with complaints properly made under applicable laws and regulations by customers related to the handling of Personal Information.
  1. SSC will take necessary steps or measure as required by any applicable laws and regulations to prevent improper handling of Personal Information in the case that handling of the Personal Information is entrusted to a third party.
  1. Inquiries or other comments with regard to the handling of the Personal Information should be directed to the department to which you provided your Personal Information. In the case that you are not sure where to contact, please call the representative phone number.
  1. Here are notices pursuant to the act on the protection of personal information:

Effective date: January 1, 2020

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