Advancell for Lighter Flexible Products

What kind of characteristics do you want from a resin?
Advancell EM is comprised of thermo-expandable microspheres (tiny plastic spheres) containing a low-boiling-point liquid hydrocarbon inside a thermoplastic polymer shell. When heated, the shells soften and, at the same time, the hydrocarbon contained inside suddenly expands, forming micro-balloons. Mixing Advancell EM with a resin (base material) adds a variety of desirable characteristics and features to the material, such as reduced weight and enhanced flexibility. The expansion start temperature and cell size can be optimized by selecting an appropriate grade.

Advancell Microspheres before versus after expansion

Advancell Microspheres Before and After Expansion

How Does Advancell Work?

To learn more about Advancell’s patented particle dispersion technology, veiw the brochure here or contact a representative by completing the form on the right.

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