Personal Care Products Applications

Selvol™ Ultalux polyvinyl alcohol cosmetic grades safely and effectively impart a range of functional attributes to hair, skin and color cosmetics formulations. Selvol™ Ultalux polymers offer formulators a range of options, including improved film formation, adhesion and viscosity control for formulating personal care products.

The safety and quality of Selvol™ Ultalux polymers have been confirmed through third-party laboratory testing. Tests include the Epiderm in vitro irritation test and other vital third-party testing that may be required by formulators to assure the quality and efficacy of PVOH and PVOH copolymers in personal care applications. 

Available in five grades, the Ultalux range offers a wide spectrum of performance attributes. The Sekisui Selvol™ Ultalux line includes highly functional PVOH copolymer grades, SC and AD. The new offerings provide excellent adhesion, lower viscosity and good tensile strength in film formation. Testing shows that Ultalux SC achieves a 15% improvement in hydration in a facial mask formulation compared with one using a conventional PVOH polymer.

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Polymers for Personal Care

Peelable face masks, mascara, hair dye…