Daily Goods for Consumers

SEKISUI’s products make manufacturing and optimizing daily goods simpler and smarter.

For example, water-soluble pods are a growing trend in the household cleaning industry. By using a standardized dose, consumers expect a quick and easy cleaning solution without compromising on performance. That’s where manufacturers have the opportunity to reduce costs by increasing active ingredients’ concentration.

Our Advasol film formulation is ideal. The film is resistant to crosslinking. It can safely package complex formulations, including oxidizers, fragrances and products with different pH levels.

Meanwhile, manufacturers can use the film for laundry, automatic dishwashing, general household cleaners, descaling products and other daily goods.

In fact, manufacturers can control Advasol film’s dissolution rate through formulation adjustments and patented polymer technologies. This gives them greater control over the film’s solubility properties. This is an important factor because of recent regulatory developments for household products worldwide.

Furthermore, Advasol film is compatible with aversive agents and printable products. For regulatory information, contact your Advasol representative.

Contact us for more information about SEKISUI products or to request samples.

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