Selvol™ Ultalux AD Product Information

Advanced Adhesive and Film-Forming Properties for Personal Care Formulations

Selvol Ultalux AD PVOH copolymer (INCI: vinyl amine/vinyl alcohol copolymer) is an advanced adhesion promoter and film former applicable in skin care, color cosmetics, hair and rinse-off systems. Incorporating the amine functional group into the product’s polymer lends advanced surface activity with pH-targeted properties.

Amine functional copolymers show superior strength and adhesion to a range of surfaces, including skin, compared to related anionic or nonionic polymers. This cosmetic-grade PVOH copolymer gives functionality to many personal care formulations, such as viscosity control, emulsion stability control and solubility modification.

As a result, Selvol Ultalux AD provides a balance of adhesion and film-forming in formulations such as masks and peels, antiaging creams, lotions and pore strips. As part of the Ultalux range of PVOH and PVOH derivatives, we test it for the highest quality and purity. We have verified that it is nonirritating on skin.

Available in five grades, the Ultalux range offers a spectrum of qualities. The SEKISUI Selvol Ultalux line includes highly functional PVOH copolymer grades: SC and AD. These new offerings provide excellent adhesion, lower viscosity and good tensile strength in film formation. Testing has also shown that Ultalux SC improves hydration by 15% in a facial mask formulation, compared to one using a conventional PVOH polymer.


Selvol Ultalux AD has key functions that make it valuable to manufacturers:

  • Adhesion promoter
  • Film former
  • Tightener
  • Reaction intermediate

Applications in Personal Care Formulations

Manufacturers can use this PVOH copolymer in brow makeup, antiaging products, eyelash glues, eye shadows, facial masks, peels and pore strips.

Properties: Selvol Ultalux AD

Discover the product’s key properties below.

Grade Viscosity, cps1 pH2 Tensile Strength, psi3 Modulus, psi Elongation at Break, % Adhesion to Glass, g
Selvol Ultalux AD 450 – 550 11.0 – 12.0 1,200 – 1,400 3,100 – 4,100 > 110 – 130 220 – 280

1. Viscosity of a 15% solution, 20°C
2. 4% aqueous solution
3. Tensile properties and adhesion as measured on films containing 12% PVOH and 3% glycerin after casting and drying in a controlled temperature and humidity room for 24 hours

Exfoliating Face Mask Formulation With Ultalux AD

This product is an exceptional adhesion promoter, film former, stabilizer and viscosity control agent in an exfoliating face mask formulation.

Ingredient WT %
Water 67
Selvol Ultalux FA 10
Selvol Ultalux AD 2
Ethanol 15
Propylene glycol 3
Glycerin 2
Polysorbate-20 1
Preservatives q.s.
Fragrances and extracts q.s.

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