Films & Packing Applications

Our Polyvinyl Alcohol and Ultiloc resins using Selvol™ offer a unique variety of attributes:

  • Possible water solubility
  • Possible biodegradability/compostability
  • Oxygen and other gas/odor barrier properties
  • Resistance to solvents, oils and greases
  • Inherently anti-static
  • Innocuous and environmentally friendly

Selvol™ Ultiloc Barrier Resins have established gas barrier performance with superior adhesion properties, making them an excellent fit for a variety of flexible packing applications. Selvol™ Ultiloc Barrier Resins can offer the following in the preparation of flexible films:

  • Thinner films with a reduction in gauge weight
  • Potential to reduce the number of layers in laminate structures – with the elimination of adhesive tie layers.
  • Improved film clarity.
  • Potential to replace other barrier technologies.

Selvol™ Ultiloc 5003 characteristics include.

  • Superior Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) performance
  • Non-Chlorine containing product.
  • Higher reactivity for greater cross linking characteristics that can improve MVTR performance.
  • Excellent adhesion properties and can be coated directly onto corona treated BOPP & BOPET, therefore
    • No need for adhesive tie layers
    • Producing thinner/simplified laminate films
  • Produces an ultra-clear coating
  • Heat-sealable
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NEW Polyvinyl Alcohol Copolymers

Tie layer for flexible packaging, oxygen barrier, adhesion to difficult substrates, ink receptive coatings

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Polyvinyl Acetal Resins

Optical films, printing ink for packaging (w/o food contact)