Films and Packing Applications

Our Selvol™ polyvinyl alcohol and Ultiloc resins offer unique attributes for films and packing:

  • Possible water solubility
  • Possible biodegradability and compostability
  • Oxygen and other gas and odor barrier properties
  • Solvent, oil and grease resistance
  • Inherently antistatic properties
  • Innocuous and environmentally friendly properties

Selvol™ Ultiloc barrier resins have verified gas barrier performance with higher adhesion properties, making them an excellent fit for a variety of flexible films and packing applications. For example, Selvol™ Ultiloc barrier resins offer these benefits:

  • Thinner films with lower gauge weights
  • Potential for fewer layers in laminate structures, with the elimination of adhesive tie layers
  • Better film clarity
  • Potential replacement of other barrier technologies

Selvol™ Ultiloc 5003 includes these characteristics:

  • Superior oxygen transmission rate (OTR)
  • No chlorine
  • Higher reactivity for greater cross-linking characteristics to improve moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR)
  • Excellent adhesion and the ability to be coated directly onto corona-treated BOPP and BOPET
    • This indicates adhesive tie layers are unnecessary, and it produces thinner, simpler laminate films.
  • Ultra-clear coating production
  • Heat-sealable attributes

These qualities make it an excellent choice for films and packing applications.

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