Selvol™ Ultalux Product Information

Selvol Ultalux polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) polymers and copolymers offer better film formation, adhesion, viscosity control range and water solubility to a wide variety of consumer products.

Manufacturers can use Ultalux polymer grades to make their products more appealing and durable — and to have more satisfied customers.

Moreover, industries can use Ultalux grades during the manufacturing process to save time and money. Meanwhile, customers can expect Ultalux products to be as high-quality and consumer-safe as their equivalent Selvol grades.

In fact, SEKISUI Specialty Chemicals has tested all grades to ensure their efficacy in products and processes. We also guarantee quality and flexibility in all our innovative, cutting-edge PVOH products.

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Selvol Ultalux in Personal Care 

  • Nonirritating on skin
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Range of viscosities
  • Good tensile properties
  • Better skin hydration (Ultalux SC)
  • Advanced actives delivery (Ultalux FA)
  • Improved adhesion (Ultalux AD)

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Selvol Ultalux in Apparel

  • Significantly improved fabric crock rating by a value of 0.5 or more
  • Reduced rework
  • Dye retention in fabric for true color
  • Greater color selection usage
  • Affinity to cotton and synthetic fabrics
  • Reduced water and energy use
  • No need for curing
  • No effect on fabric color or hand

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