Selvol™ Ultiloc Product Information

The Selvol Ultiloc series comprises patented copolymers that expand the functionality of industry-trusted Selvol polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) products. Compared to the PVOH polymer alone, Ultiloc copolymers offer a range of unique characteristics:

  • Better adhesion
  • Improved crosslinking
  • Faster dissolution
  • Lower temperature solubility

These characteristics bring efficiency and utility to many applications that already use PVOH, and industries can also consider them for new applications.

Several key patents (registered by SEKISUI Specialty Chemicals) support the Selvol Ultiloc series. In fact, SEKISUI has invested years of research and development into these products. To learn more about the distinct properties that the Selvol Ultiloc grade offers, please download the NEW Copolymers Guide.

Selvol Ultiloc 5003

Interestingly, Ultiloc 5003 is one of the more popular and interesting products in the Ultiloc series. It shows greater adhesion characteristics to many substrates, including corona-treated BOPP and BOPET. Additionally, industries often use it in flexible packaging film, where it contributes to fewer layers and decreased gauge weight. Ultiloc 5003 also has well-established superior gas barrier performance. This ability allows it to be an acceptable replacement for alternative barrier technologies.

Learn More About Selvol Ultiloc 5003

  • Higher reactivity, leading to improved crosslinking or post
  • Improved adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including
    difficult/low energy surfaces
  • Effective additive for improving adhesion characteristics in
    emulsion-based adhesives
  • Lower temperature solubility and quicker dissolution process

Ultimately, these characteristics lend Selvol Ultiloc 5003 to other applications in which adhesion and crosslinking are crucial. To find out more about Ultiloc 5003 or the other three Ultiloc copolymers, please download the Copolymer Guide. If you’d like to request samples of any of the Ultiloc series, please complete a request form here.


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