Selvol Ultiloc 5003

for Enhanced Barrier in Flexible Packaging

Key Characteristics:

  • Improved Gas Barrier
  • Primary Amine Functionality
  • Enhanced Reactivity
  • Excellent Adhesion to Plastic, Glass, Metals, and Wood
  • Cationic at Neutral and Acidic pH
  • Excellent Film Former
  • Environmentally Friendly, Low VOC, Non-Toxic, & Recyclable
  • Potential Reduced Laminate Structure
  • High Surface Energy

Sekisui Specialty Chemicals is proud to introduce its newest product line of copolymers that expand on the functionality of the industry-trusted Selvol Polyvinyl Alcohol products – Selvol Ultiloc.

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Focus on Sustainability

The market for flexible packaging continues to expand with an increased focus on sustainability. Selvol Ultiloc offers a unique solution to formulators seeking environmentally friendly flexible packaging.

In addition to use in traditional multilayer structures, Ultiloc 5003 can also be used in mono-material structures for improved recyclability and streamlined production. Unique barrier properties and excellent adhesion make Ultiloc 5003 the perfect fit in PP or PE monomaterial structures.

Whether using Ultiloc 5003 in a multilayered or mono-material film structure, the end result is an eco-friendly, cost-effective approach to flexible packaging design.

Ultiloc 5003 provides exceptional gas barrier properties at low to moderate levels of humidity, as well as improved adhesion to a variety of substrates. This particular characteristic can simplify processing and potentially reduce costs by eliminating the need for tie layers in multilayered structures, making Ultiloc 5003 a viable replacement for PVdC and EVOH in barrier packaging applications.

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