SelvolTM Ultalux

Apparel & Enhancing Fabric Color Fastness

Unique polymeric compound delivers significant improvement in crock performance

For fabric makers, preserving color fidelity has always been a challenge. Ultimately, fabric makers need to economically achieve true color without the use of hazardous chemicals, and without the need for curing, yet still make fabrics that exceed industry standards in performance. Selvol™ Ultalux does just that.

Selvol™ Ultalux is a new finishing treatment for fabrics boasting multiple benefits in one cost-effective product. It delivers a high crock rating and reduces the need for rework. Test results show that Selvol™ Ultalux improves fabric crock ratings of 0.5 or greater, exceeds retailer requirements, and does not affect the color of the fabric. Therefore, designers are able to choose from a wider palette of colors and can be confident that the dye will remain in the material so truer colors reach their consumer.

Capable of improving wet and dry crock-fastness of denim fabrics, Selvol™ Ultalux also has demonstrated an affinity to other cotton and synthetic fabrics without affecting the hand.

Selvol™ Ultalux extends into manufacturing by minimizing processes traditionally required to improve crock performance saving energy and water.

Selvol™ Ultalux is a non-hazardous, nonionic polymer, which provides a favorable worker safety profile. Additionally, it eliminates the need for curing thus reducing the overall production time and is compatible with typical softeners and products commonly used in the finishing process.

Suitable for use in multiple finishing process applications

Application and Usage Levels

Process Padding Exhaustion Spray-On
Selvol™ Ultalux requiredamount 20 – 60 g/L 1% – 6% weight of goods 10 – 30 g/L
Process requirements Bath tempature should be >20°C Between 15 – 30 min at 30 – 40°C Cycle under constant spray for 15 – 30 min at >20°C. Garments should be dry before applying Selvol™ Ultalux.
Liquor pick up and liquor ratio 60% – 100%* 5:1 – 20:1 LR 80% – 100%*
Drying tempature >80°C >80°C >80°C

* Depends on fabric type


Description Non-ionic polymeric compound
Physical form Clear, yellowish granular powder
pH 5.5 – 7.5


Selvol™ Ultalux is compatible with typical softeners and other products commonly used in finishing processes.

Storage stability

Selvol™ Ultalux has a 1 year shelf life from the date of manufacture when properly stored in a closed container at room temperature. Exposing the product to extreme temperatures (above 30°C or below 0°C), or repeatedly pulling product from the original container, may reduce the shelf life.


Selvol™ Ultalux is globally available in 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails.


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