OB Carrier of Choice for Paper and Paperboard Products

Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol is recognized as the best carrier for fluorescent dyes. The addition of 0.5-2.0 parts (dry) polyvinyl alcohol per 100 parts pigment can boost brightness an additional 4+ units. Such improvements are significant for high 80s/low 90s brightness papers. Selvol Polyvinyl alcohol also provides superior binding strength and good water retention properties, enabling reductions in latex and hydrocolloid levels. Selvol Polyvinyl Alcohol 203S, a fine grind version of Selvol 203 (99% of the particles pass through an 80 mesh screen), can be used as a noncook carrier by adding it directly to a pigment dispersion or a pigmented formulation while under high shear agitation for a minimum of 15 minutes.
The concept of using Selvol 203S in coating color formulations as a “non-cook” product, either as a pigment binder or as a carrier for optical brighteners is described in U.S. Patent 5,057,570 assigned to Sekisui Specialty Chemicals.

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Selvol Polyvinyl Alcohol; Optical Brightener Carrier of Choice