August 25, 2011

RE: Rebranding of SSCA Polyvinyl Alcohol Product Line Name

Dear Valued Customer,

Sekisui Specialty Chemicals is pleased to announce that effective October 1, 2011 our polyvinyl alcohol product line name will be rebranded from the current Celvol to its new name: Selvol. This change marks the final step in the transition of our business to Sekisui and reflects our renewed commitment to our customers under Sekisui’s ownership.

Our new brand has a completely redesigned logo and appearance (please see below), and you will begin to see the new brand image on our packaging, product literature, specification sheets, and business correspondence starting in October.


Please note that although the transition will be effective October 1, you may continue to receive product in Celvol bags for a short time after that date (either alone or in conjunction with product in new Selvol bags) as we work down our existing bagged inventory of material.

Sekisui is committed to our customers and to ensuring that Selvol polyvinyl alcohol is of the highest quality. The change is a change in our brand name only and does not change our grade designations, our products or the process by which our products are produced.

Please contact your Sekisui Sales Representative if you have any questions or need any additional information. We greatly appreciate the business you share with us and look forward to serving your needs going forward with our Selvol products.


Scott Neuheardt

General Manager

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