CIMG53019On Saturday June 4th, Sekisui Chemical Company sponsored a Science Day for the children of the Dallas Japanese Association. Along with volunteers from Sekisui Specialty Chemicals, Sekisui employees from across the nation came together in Dallas to help students understand various chemical and physical properties using a series of hands-on experiences. The children practiced the processes of molding plastic by using mini thermoforming machines to transform flat plastic into custom samples. The KYDEX® plastic sheets used in this experiment are a product of our sister company, Sekisui SPI based out of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. The children also created personalized pendants using a unique shrinking plastic.

Sekisui’s annual sponsorship of Science Day is part of our efforts to continue reinvesting in the company heritage, which is deeply rooted in Japanese values and culture. It is also important to inspire the curiosity of children and young adults in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to ensure our global community will continue to innovate and advance in these areas.

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