Dear Customers, Stakeholders, and Friends;

We would like to begin this New Year by thanking all of our customers for their support and patronage through the ups and downs of 2015. The upcoming year promises to be a year of progress and growth, with a major product line scheduled to launch in the first half and several long term research projects coming to fruition throughout the year. We are excited to take these steps towards realizing our vision of becoming the leading edge supplier of polymer solutions, fulfilling today’s needs and creating tomorrow’s expectations.

In the New Year, we intend to contribute to the communities we are a part of both locally and globally. Traditions like our annual Environmental Week and Greenest Person awards help Sekisui reduce burden on and preserve our natural resources while also recognizing our brightest team members. Additionally, we would like to sincerely recognize our dedicated employees for their hard work and enthusiasm, which makes Sekisui Specialty Chemicals a foremost polymer developer and supplier.

For 2016, our promise to our customers is continued commitment to the 3 S’s of Sekisui Chemical Corporation; we promise to prioritize the service, speed and superiority of our polymers. Our team members will strive to proactively anticipate customer needs, and our company will strive to improve the quality of people’s lives through scientific advancement.

Scott Neuheardt
President and CEO
Sekisui Specialty Chemicals