Sekisui Specialty Chemicals is pleased to announce the start-up of a major capacity expansion of its high purity (99.5%) methyl acetate production unit in Tarragona, Spain, increasing its capability to serve customers with differentiated methyl acetate products.

The new low-cost operating unit is already delivering high quality product to customers, and has the potential to be easily expanded to meet market needs.  High purity methyl acetate is used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, adhesives and fine chemicals.

Sekisui Specialty Chemicals produces Selvol, a line of high performance polyvinyl alcohol polymers and copolymers used in paper, adhesive, packaging, construction, personal care, and many other specialty formulations.   Sekisui Specialty Chemicals is a subsidiary of the Sekisui Chemical Group, a multibillion dollar company that delivers a wide range of products and services to enrich people’s lives.  The company is comprised of core businesses and technologies in housing, social infrastructure, and chemical solutions.

For more information, contact Sekisui Specialty Chemicals headquarters at 972-277-2900.