Selvol polyvinyl alcohol is used as a primary and ancillary adhesive binder in many household items. From the envelopes we seal our letters into, the wood furniture we assemble, and the books we read, there is Selvol polyvinyl alcohol in all of these.

As a primary adhesive binder, it can be used in a simple water solution for paper lamination or a sizing agent for textile fabrics. Selvol water solution is also an excellent  adhesive for paper labels onto glass bottles, making them more environmentally friendly and easier to recycle. For higher performance adhesion, the water solution is tackified, using borax or other crosslinkers,  to get high water resistance and strong adhesion strength. Examples of these applications include solid fiber lamination and tube/core winding. Selvol can also be used in 5% of polyvinyl acetate emulsions as a protective colloid (stabilizer) since it brings outstanding adhesion and coating  characteristics to a formulation with minimal impact on total costs.

Selvol polyvinyl alcohols can also be used as ancillary adhesive binders to formulate different classes of water resistant wood adhesives. These high quality products meet adhesive classification standards in USA, Japan, and European. Other Selvol grades are used as ancillary binders and spry dry agents for re-dispersible powders to enhance workability, open time and setting speed of cement or grout mixes for construction applications.

To find out which grade of Selvol polyvinyl alcohol can best enhance your adhesive or emulsion formula, please contact our Research and Technology Center at 1-281-280-3460 or fill out a contact form

Selvol Adhesives