Seed Coating Specialty Applications

Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol protects seeds until the environment offers ideal germination conditions. Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol water soluble coating keeps seeds safe and ensures that they do not germinate until the ideal temperature and moisture conditions are reached.

Serving as both a seed coating and a binder for fertilizer, Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol controls dosing and assists in mechanical planting operations due to its slick, non-sticky surface.

With cotton seeds, Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol smooths the lint and prevents seed entanglement, thus reducing the need for mechanical delinting and eliminating acid delinting all while keeping the seeds safe, engineering dosage, and assisting planting.

Recipe for Success

To realize the benefits of using Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol in seed coating, it must be properly prepared before use. Our simple, five-step cooking procedure (Solution Preparation) will ensure proper dissolution and optimal performance.

For customers whose equipment is limited, Ready-to-Use Solutions are available. Recommended starting formulation:

  • 4% solution of Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol 203, 205, 523 or 540 in water (ultimate grade and concentration chosen depends on processing path)
  • Additives per customer design
  • Coating may be applied via:
    • Stir-in
    • Spray dryer
    • Fluidized bed
    • Drum coater
    • Others
  • Seeds may be dried via:
    • Convection oven
    • Tumble dryer
    • Other
  • If sticky, coat with a light layer of talc

Ready to Use Coating Available

For customers who are looking for “ready-to-use” coatings, Sekisui Specialty Chemicals offers Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol solutions. A Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol solution eliminates the dissolution step and offers a number of advantages, including a ready-to-use coating, improved solution consistency and lower energy and processing costs (no cook required).