Environment, Safety, and Governance

SEKISUI’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy has expanded into its Environment Social and Governance (ESG) Policy. ESG is central to SEKISUI’s management strategy, representing SEKISUI’s commitment to resolving social issues through business activities and to be socially responsible in business processes. Based on the Corporate Philosophy “The 3S Principle”, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s ESG management aims to balance the improvement of social sustainability with the profitable growth of the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group.

As part of SEKISUI Chemical’s commitment to ESG, Sekisui Specialty Chemicals facilities in Calvert City, Pasadena and Tarragona are all ISO 14001 certified for their Environmental Management Systems,

The Sekisui Specialty Chemicals Global Quality Policy can be found below:

Each of the site’s Environmental Policies can be found below:

Site ISO 9001 Certificates can be found here:

Site ISO 14001 Certificates can be found here:

Additional Site Certificate(s):

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