Environment, Safety, and Governance

Sekisui’s ESG (Environment, Safety, and Governance) philosophy as defined through our Group Vision: “Through prominence in technology and quality, Sekisui Chemical Group will contribute to improving the lives of the people of the world and the earth’s environment, by continuing to open up new frontiers in residential and social infrastructure creation and chemical solutions.” As part of our commitment to the ESG and corporate social responsibility, Sekisui Specialty Chemicals facilities in Calvert City, Pasadena and Tarragona are all ISO 9001 certified for their Quality Management systems and ISO 14001 certified for their Environmental Management Systems.

The Sekisui Specialty Chemicals Global Quality Policy can be found below:

Each of the site’s Environmental Policies can be found below:

Site ISO 9001 Certificates can be found here:

Site ISO 14001 Certificates can be found here:

Additional Site Certificate(s):

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