Dallas, April 10, 2018– Every year, thousands of volunteers gather along Texas waterways to do their part in cleaning up the environment by participating in the largest, single-day waterway cleanup in the state of Texas, the River, Lakes, Bays ‘N Bayous Trash Bash. Sekisui Specialty Chemicals was proud to participate in the 2018, 25th annual Trash Bash on Saturday March 24th. A team of Sekisui employees from our Pasadena plant and Houston Technology Center geared up, with proper safety equipment and precaution, to clean up the woods surrounding and banks abutting the Sims Bayou. Jenna Timtiman, an Environmental Engineer at Sekisui Specialty Chemicals, said the overcast weather was perfect for the clean-up efforts. “There were a lot of tiny pieces of Styrofoam and plastic bottles that had been shredded by grass mowers. It made it clear that preventing litter would be more helpful than picking it up later. On the bright side, it was great to see so many other business and community organizations taking part in the event.”

While the statics for the 2018 Trash Bash are not in yet, 2017 boasted 51.9 tons of trash picked up and 1.46 tons of recycled material. These strong results are one of the reasons the event was the recipient of this year’s Texas Environmental Excellence Award ​ in the Civic/Community Organization category. Sekisui Specialty Chemicals is proud to volunteer at Trash Bash and environmental restoration efforts because social responsibility to the environment and communities we operate in is at the heart of our management strategy. To find out more about Sekisui’s CSR mission, please go to: http://www.sekisuichemical.com/csr/csr_manage/. For more information on the Trash Bash, please go to: http://www.trashbash.org/

Employees and family members from the Pasadena plant particpate in the 2018 Trash Bash. From left to right: Nancy Gosell and her daughter, Mike Carr, Jenna Timtiman, Mary Garcia and her husband, and Kevin Therault.

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