Sekisui Chemical Company is aiming to keep the overall volume of greenhouse gas emitted during manufacturing pegged to the fiscal 2013 level and reducing by 1% every year the amount of energy consumed per unit of output. These energy conservation activities are in place particularly at business sites outside of Japan, where energy consumption has increased in recent years. Sekisui Chemical Group reduced total emissions by 0.3% in fiscal 2016, and is currently calculating totals for 2017. Under the new environmental medium-term plan that began in fiscal 2017, the Group has set a reduction target of 6% by fiscal 2019 when compared to greenhouse gas emission in fiscal 2013. Sekisui aims to reduce the amount of energy consumed per unit of output by 1% every year. Sekisui Chemical Group, and hence Sekisui Specialty Chemicals, will continue reducing greenhouse gases at every stage of our business activities with the aim of reaching COP 21(Paris Agreement) objectives. Learn more about Sekisui Group’s conservation efforts at: