This summer, Sekisui Specialty Chemicals’ Houston Technology Center (HTC) hosted two interns who participated in research activities focused on new product development. In order to complete their projects, interns read patents and designed and conducted experiments. At the end of their summer projects, the interns gave a final presentation to the team at HTC.

Li Xiong, a graduate student from the University of Southern Mississippi, said “the most important thing I learned was that process conditions and cost need to be taken into consideration when doing industry research.  This experience shall be very helpful for my transition from academia to the chemical industry.”

“It was fascinating to see water soluble films being made for the first time,” said Zhiqi Hu, a graduate student from Rice University. “Working on a project from raw material to final commercial product helped me gain a clear understanding of the overall process.”

Sekisui Specialty Chemicals takes great pride in sharing our culture of service, speed, and superiority with brilliant young professionals. The summer intern program helps students develop the technical and social skills needed to work in the team environment of a global company.  Under the mentorship of our senior scientists, Sekisui interns deep dive into polymer synthesis and analysis utilizing state of the art equipment.  The HTC intern program is open to all STEM major students. To submit a resume, please send information and cover letter to