Dallas, May 3, 2018– Sekisui Specialty Chemicals was a proud sponsor of the Georgia Tech School of Material Science and Engineering’s (MSE) Annual Poster Competition on April 12th. 52 graduate and undergraduate students competed in categories including biomaterials, nanomaterials, structural materials, energy/electronic materials, and (Sekisui’s favorite) polymers. Two delegates from Sekisui Specialty Chemicals joined the judges’ panel tasked with the difficult duty of deciding the winners in each category, as well as the best in show poster. “I am always impressed by the students’ eye for potential new functions of existing materials and applications,” commented David Wurm, Application Development Manager at Sekisui. “Participating in this poster competition helps us view our own product line up with fresh perspective.”

Sekisui would like to congratulate all the winners, and commend every participant for their hard work.  Best in show went to Eleanor Brightbbill’s poster on ‘Reliability and Surface Stability in Potentiometric Biosensing.’ On behalf of Sekisui, special recognition goes to Cameron Irvin’s poster on ‘Understanding the Impact of Cellulose- And Chitin-based Nanomaterials in Various Polymer Matrix Constructs,’ which featured use of polyvinyl alcohol. Sekisui Specialty Chemicals supports STEM education from grade school to graduate school in an effort to support tomorrow’s innovators. We look forward to sponsoring the Georgia Tech MSE Poster Competition again next year.

Georgia Tech student Eleanor Brightbill receives award for Best in Show at the 2018 Material Sciences and Engineering Poster Competition.

To learn more about Sekisui’s most recent STEM support activities and other community focused events, go to https://www.sekisui-sc.com/news/

To see the full list of winners of the Georgia Tech MSE Poster Competition, go to http://www.mse.gatech.edu/news/strong-turnout-6th-annual-mse-poster-competition


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