Dallas, August 29th, 2022– Sekisui Specialty Chemicals (“SSC”) announced today that it is beginning feasibility studies for expansion of its Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) supply network in order to meet the growing needs of its downstream customers. SSC already operates three world scale PVOH units globally, with two in the US and one in Spain, and plans to make highly capital-efficient investments to expand its operations and help support customer growth.

“Sekisui Specialty Chemicals is a global leader in the production of high-quality polyvinyl alcohol needed to meet today’s highly technical application requirements.” said Cory Sikora, President of Sekisui Specialty Chemicals. “With our current footprint and growth opportunities, we believe that Sekisui is well positioned to expand and meet customer needs, particularly in the western hemisphere, which today relies heavily on PVOH imports from Asia.”

Sekisui Specialty Chemicals remains committed to meeting customers’ needs with high quality products. When completed, the investments will increase Sekisui’s PVOH capacity by as much as 25%.

SEKISUI Specialty Chemicals Capacity Increase Announcement