On September 28th, Sekisui was proud to support the Marshall County, Kentucky Farm and Home Safety Day at Mike Miller Park. 350 5th graders from area schools participated in the event, learning about Shelter-in-Place protocols from Wally the Wise Guy and enjoying a Wally Basketball toss.

Wally the Wise Guy teaches children:

  • Shelter-in-Place is an emergency program in case of a chemical or weather emergency 
  • The main steps are:
    1. Go inside your home or the nearest safe building and shut/seal the doors and windows.
    2. Stay off the phone to keep lines open
    3. Tune in to a local radio station for emergency instructions
    4. Have a shelter-in-place kit
    5. Turn off a/c or heat
    6. Ventilate house after all clear is given

The participants that day even had the opportunity to put the plan into action as a scattered thunderstorm rolled through the park. Safety First!