Sekisui Specialty Chemicals was proud to participate in this year’s WiMSE Conference at the University of Georgia Tech. WiMSE stands for Women in Material Sciences and Engineering. Event attendees included Georgia Tech students, alumni, and faculty in the Material Sciences Engineering program. This year’s theme, The Great Scientific Adventure, was inspired by Fabiola Gianotti’s quote “This job is a great scientific adventure, but it’s also a great human adventure.” The event featured two speakers giving their interpretation of the statement in their careers and lives.

Uzma Shah, a Technical Specialist and Sekisui’s representative at WiMSE this year, stated “To me, The Great Scientific Adventure means a quest for curiosity and innovation through scientific discovery for the betterment of humankind.  Many times, the chemical industry is demonized and the word “chemical” is used in a negative connotation, but the reality is that chemistry is all around us.  Without chemistry, our society would not have achieved such greatness and efficiency.” She continues, “The Great Scientific Adventure started for me as young as my first-grade science class, where I remember my science teachers leading interesting and visually appealing demonstrations to pique the interest of the students.”

Sekisui has supported WiMSE and other STEAM activities at educational institutions from grade school to post-graduate, with a focus on assisting underrepresented populations. Diversity and inclusivity are key components of Sekisui’s strategy for success. We look forward to participating in next year’s conference and meeting thinkers who will help build tomorrow’s innovations.