Ceramic Solutions: Specialty Applications

SEKISUI’s Selvol™ polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) resin delivers powerful results as a temporary binder and viscosity modifier in ceramic solutions. PVOH is one of the most common binders in the world for certain processing sequences, such as spray drying followed by dry pressing. Our Selvol PVOH offers the latest technology so that you can achieve your ideal end product.

Recipe for Success

First, you must properly prepare Selvol PVOH to realize its benefits while producing high-quality ceramics. Our simple, five-step cooking procedure (solution preparation) ensures proper dissolution and optimal performance. Additionally, ready-to-use solutions are available for customers with limited equipment.

Next, Selvol PVOH offers many advantages as a temporary binder for ceramic processing:

  • Water solubility
  • Wide range of grades
  • Easy plasticization
  • Compatibility with an array of lubricants
  • High green strength
  • Easy burnout
    • Note: The product breaks down almost entirely into water and carbon dioxide.
  • Sulfur-free composition
  • Ability to undergo ball milling readily and without degradation
  • Fast reprocessing, which minimizes reworking waste
  • Ability to create extremely stable ceramic solutions

Ready-to-Use Solutions Available

If you need ready-to-use binders, SEKISUI offers Selvol PVOH solutions. Our solutions eliminate the dissolution step and offer valuable benefits:

  • An immediate, on-hand binder
  • Better solution consistency
  • Lower energy and processing costs (no cooking required)

Please contact us to discover more about Selvol PVOH as ceramic solutions or to request a sample!


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