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Selvol™ Premiol DWC:
High temperature performance fluid loss control additives

Selvol™ Premiol MRC:
Versatile, mid-range temperature fluid loss control additives.

Selvol™ Premiol LTC:
Cost effective low temperature fluid loss control additive.

NEW Selvol™ Premiol SGC:

New fluid loss control additive optimal for shallow cementing sites.

Today, Sekisui Specialty Chemicals offers three new products for fluid loss control in cementing operations.

Selvol™ Premiol DWC-50

High performance, mid to high range temperature technology

Selvol™ Premiol DWC-50 is a powder-form fluid loss control additive for deep well applications that delivers high temperature performance (up to 150ºC) at cost levels below traditional high molecular weight polymers. At the same time, this advanced additive demonstrates excellent, cost-effective performance at low temperatures (50ºC to 60ºC). With a single product that functions across a wide range of conditions, the oilfield service industry can consolidate inventory of fluid loss control products. 

Contact us for more information.on Selvol™ Premiol DWC-50.

Selvol™ Premiol MRC-33

Predictable performance. Good economics.

Selvol™ Premiol MRC-33 is a powder-form fluid loss control additive for mid-range temperatures in oilfield cement applications. At temperatures between 75ºC and 120ºC, this product provides the desired fluid loss and preferred, low surface rheology without settling. These benefits provide the oilfield industry with a cost effective alternative to current polymer technologies.

More information on Selvol™ Premiol MRC-33

Selvol™ Premiol LTC-90

Time tested dependability

Selvol™ Premiol LTC-90 is a medium range temperature powder-form fluid loss additive for use in a variety of oilfield cement applications.  It provides excellent fluid loss benefits at temperatures up to 100ºC, and is more cost effective in this temperature range than other competitive products.

More information on Selvol™ Premiol LTC-90

Selvol™ Premiol SGC-70

Latest offering. Met with immediate confirmation of efficiency

Selvol™ Premiol SGC- 70 is a mid to high range temperature, powder-form fluid loss additive for use in a variety of oilfield cement applications. It is an environmentally friendly fluid loss control agent with low surface rheology that also resisting settling, and is compatible with other additives.

For more information on Selvol™ Premiol SGC-70, Contact Sekisui Specialty Chemicals



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