Sekisui Specialty Chemicals Announces Global Price Increase

Dallas, May 30th, 2018– Sekisui Specialty Chemicals announced today that it will increase the price of Selvol® Polyvinyl Alcohol, Selvol Ultiloc®, Selvol Ultalux® and Selvol Premiol® up to €200/mT as shown in the chart below.  Sekisui is committed to providing our customers with quality products to meet their needs; however, local raw material and freight costs are continuing to escalate, necessitating a price increase as product margins are not sustainable in the current environment.  This increase will take effect June 15th, 2018, or as contracts and agreements allow.

Customers should contact their local Sekisui sales representative for more details.

Sekisui Specialty Chemicals’ primary product is Selvol, a line of high performance polyvinyl alcohol polymers and copolymers used in paper, adhesive, packaging, construction, personal care, and many other specialty formulations.   Sekisui Specialty Chemicals is a subsidiary of the Sekisui Chemical Group, a multibillion dollar, global company that delivers a wide range of products and services to enrich people’s lives.  The company is comprised of core businesses and technologies in housing, social infrastructure, and chemical solutions. For more information, visit

Price Increase Announcement

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