Improving OEE With Durastream CPVC

Durastream CPVC optimizes overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with superior, consistently high-quality compounds. Manufacturers can run its heat-resistant resins at higher speeds and with less raw material malfunction because of durable heat profiles. This ability improves run time and net run time while minimizing performance loss and quality loss.

SEKISUI’s unique chlorination method provides unmatched heat stability.

How To Improve Productivity and Minimize Production Costs

SEKISUI provides high-quality compounds and improves efficiency through technical support. 

Moreover, OEE is a major standard for measuring productivity. An OEE score of 100% means that a product provides strong, reliable performance. 

You calculate OEE by multiplying the three OEE factors: availability, performance and quality.

At SEKISUI, we have thorough expertise in optimizing OEE. We regularly recommend products and services that improve productivity and minimize production costs for users. 

Our Products and Services That Improve OEE

1. Compounds That Achieve High Productivity

Products with high productivity and low defect rates

We perform optimal formulation design based on resins with high thermal stability. In turn, this allows us to provide high-quality compounds with high formability.

Thermal Stability of the Compound Itself

Internal Test
Test Method: Oil Bath
Test Temperature: 205°C (401°F)

Using SEKISUI Durastream CPVC compounds and applying heat during molding slow the natural dehydrochlorination that occurs over time. As a result, the product is less likely to burn. 

Results of Evaluation of Lab Extruder

Unit: KG/Hour (Extrusion Speed)

Using SEKISUI Durastream CPVC compounds, we can achieve higher production speeds than those our competitors offer. This saves production time and reduces operational costs. 

2. Molding Technical Services

Through trial production, optimal production condition recommendations and productivity improvements

SEKISUI recommends optimal production conditions and productivity improvements through production trials.

We also have decades of CPVC, PVC and equipment expertise to share with our customers. As a result, we can help look at the overall system and suggest OEE improvements according to our experience.

Sekisui Team

3. Process Design and Technical Services

Molds, screw shapes and recommendations for improving production process design and tools

We analyze the state of extruders and molds, such as by checking the temperature and pressure by simulating extrusion. Then, we provide material design and production technology support.

Visit our CPVC FAQ for further information. Please contact us for more details about improving OEE with Durastream CPVC.