Durastream Superior-Quality CPVC Resins and Compounds

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Our Durastream CPVC comes from years of experience and expertise.

SEKISUI Specialty Chemicals has been a leading supplier of CPVC for over 40 years. Moreover, we manufacture stable, high-quality products throughout the production chain. From leading PVC polymerization to manufacturing and selling final products like pipes and fittings, our expertise covers all the products and processes involved.

Our Durastream CPVC resin is the result of decades of aggregate chlorination experience, sophisticated technologies and quality controls. With our advanced knowledge of CPVC products and processes, we are ready to help customers in an array of industries bring the benefits of Durastream CPVC to their products.

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Superior Performance

Because it uses highly thermostable CPVC from SEKISUI’s unique chlorination process and a combination design using SEKISUI technologies, this product boasts superior formability and high productivity. It also displays highly stable performance in terms of heat resistance, flame resistance and mechanical strength.

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Certified Quality

The Durastream CPVC compound is NSF certified to meet international standards for physical properties, human safety and pipe material specifications. It is certified to NSF 61/NSF 14 standards.

Decades of Experience

Given SEKISUI’s background in PVC polymerization and extrusion experience, our technical staff can provide comprehensive support. This support ranges from CPVC product design and development to sales promotions for developers and design consultants.

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