Ultalux for Hair Care Highlighted at Cosmetic Chemist Technology Showcase

December 15, 2015 – Sample formulations highlighting Selvol Ultalux for hair color longevity and hair gel hold were highlighted at the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemist’s Annual Technology Showcase on December 13th. Over 2000 formulators and chemists attended the regional event.

This year’s research focused on Ultalux AD’s. Color treated hair samples exhibited less color fading, excellent anti-static properties and improved hair conditioning when treated with Ultalux AD .

Also featured was an Ultalux SC hair gel formulation. Last year’s research confirmed Ultalux SC’s benefits in hydrating face mask formulations. This year Ultalux SC was tested in a clean hair gel formulation, demonstrating excellent clarity and good hold while being an economical choice. The Ultalux poster also incorporated hands on sample formulations for visitors to examine and try. This is the third year Selvol Ultalux has been featured at the NYSCC Technology Showcase. We are looking forward to having new research and innovation to share next year.

View this year’s poster

More information on Selvol Ultalux for personal care


Ultalux Sample Solution Preparation Video:

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