Selvol Polyvinyl Alcohol Solution Preparation Video

September 9, 2014 – Sekisui Specialty Chemicals prides itself on being a leading innovator in high performance polyvinyl alcohol polymers. We have created a short 5 minute video detailing our recommended solution preparation guidelines. While our Solutions Preparation Guide is thorough , we often receive technical support questions on the visual steps of the dissolution process.

View Solutions Preparation Guide

  • What should the slurry look like?
  • What is ‘proper’ agitation when adding Selvol PVOH to water?
  • What should the solution look like when ready?

Although the video uses Selvol PVOH grades, it is an excellent resource for any grade of PVOH. The video can be a refresher for existing customers and a primer for new PVOH users. We encourage you to view and share even if you are not a current customer. For specific dissolution assistance, contact our Houston Technology Center.

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