Selvol™ Premiol OSC-10

A highly concentrated, environmentally sound alternative

For oil drilling operations that are often located in the most extreme terrain, Selvol™ Premiol OSC-10 offers important delivery and handling advantages over traditional fluid loss control additives. High concentration – that doesn’t affect product viscosity – reduces the ‘footprint’ of this product on your operation and as a result reduces costs. The aqueous delivery system for Selvol™ Premiol OSC-10 enhances safety and environmental impact.


  • Clear liquid solution
  • Specific gravity  1.09
  • Aqueous-based
  • Highly concentrated
  • Fully dissolved in water
  • Excellent freeze-thaw stability
  • Good solution stability
  • Compatible with other streams
  • Pumpability across wide temperature range
  • Solution viscosity manageable at 22% solids
  • Meets industry standards for FLC agents
    • API fluid loss (1000 psi) of < 100 mL/30-min
    • PV < 200 cP
    • YP > 0 lb/100-sq.ft.
    • Free water < 2%


  • Excellent fluid loss control
  • Good free water control
  • Economical to ship (2.5x better than competition)
  • Low environmental impact
  • No dissolution agents required
  • Non-retarding


  • OSC Slurry Designs
  • OSC Condition A Results
    • Rheology
    • Fluid loss
    • Free fluid
    • Thickening time
    • Compressive strength
  • OSC Condition B Results
    • Thickening time
    • Compressive strength

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