Selvol™ Premiol MRC-33

Predictable performance. Good economics.

Selvol™ Premiol MRC-33 is a proven technology for fluid loss control in mid-range temperature oilfield cement applications—offering ease of use, predictable performance and cost-effectiveness in temperatures of 75ºC to 120ºC. A powder-form product, Selvol™ Premiol MRC-33 offers low surface rheology without settling.


  • Powder form
  • Dissolves easily under ambient conditions
  • Functions at mid-range temperatures (75ºC to 120ºC)
  • Adjustable rheology
  • Low surface rheology without settling
  • Combats downhole thinning
  • Mixable at high densities
  • Easy to handle and design
  • Meets industry standards for FLC agents
    • API fluid loss (1000 psi) of <50 mL/30-min
    • PV < 200 cP
    • YP > 0 lb/100-sq.ft.
    • Free fluid < 1%


  • Cost savings versus other high temperature FLC additives
  • Non-retarding
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Minimal fisheyes


  • Rheology
  • Fluid Loss
  • Free Fluid

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