Job Posting: Mexico City Sales Representative

Sekisui Specialty Chemicals is searching for a new team member!

Job Title: Sales Representative Mexico and Central America

Education: Bachelor Degree or Higher preferably on Chemistry or Engineering

Experience Level: 3 plus years of experience in Technical Service / Sales for a Chemical Company – preferably with a company producing or using Polyvinyl Alcohol or producing films.

Job Function:

  • Implementing sales expansion efforts for the Mexican and Central American Markets with existing and new customers
  • Make consistent visits to customers to develop meaningful relationships at all levels in their organizations
  • Properly and consistently communicate opportunities to internal organization
  • Resolve quality complains as needed
  • Participate with customers in the trials of our products
  •  Provide assistance in administrative functions in the Mexican Office
  • Provide Forecast and maintain constant follow up in the achievement of targets and goals
  • Create organic growth through technical service recommendations
  • Expand success stories to other LA Countries as needed
  • Provide and gather market intelligence Data

Employment type and location: Permanent located in Mexico City Area

Desired Skills:

  • Good Communications
  • English proficiency
  • Ability to initiate action – Leadership
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Charisma when interacting with customers
  • Any knowledge and experience with Polyvinyl Alcohol as a raw material and in applications including: adhesives, paper, construction, polymerization, redispersable powders, temporary binders, films, packaging
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