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Selvol PVOH as a PVC Dispersing Agent

Selvol PVOH as a Primary Dispersing Agent

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) has long been utilized as a primary dispersing agent in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) suspension polymerization. The use of specific PVOH grades can influence the droplet stability & particle morphology, contributing to the properties of the PVC particles, e.g. porosity, bulk density, and thermal characteristics.

Selvol™ 540 is the most popular grade used as a primary dispersing agent in PVC suspension polymerization. Its continued demand over the past decade highlights the consistent, high quality product the PVC industry has come to depend on.

In addition to Selvol 540, Sekisui Specialty Chemicals also offers Selvol E605, Selvol E635 and Selvol E640 as primary dispersing agent options. These Selvol PVOH grades provide unique properties needed for PVC suspension polymerization via optimized degree of hydrolysis and particle size. See the technical bulletin posted below for test data. While we offer several products into the existing PVC market, Sekisui Specialty Chemicals is always looking to develop new solutions, specifically for primary dispersing agent applications. We look forward to collaborating with customers in this growing market, and being a part of tomorrow’s innovative materials.

Sekisui Chemical’s History in CPVC

Sekisui Chemical Company has been a leading supplier of CPVC for over 40 years, manufacturing high quality and stable products under the brand of DURASTREAM.

Durastream is Sekisui Chemical’s high performance CPVC compound product, replacing tin and lead as a more conscientious and less hazardous stabilizer for CPVC compounds. In July of 2013, Sekisui Chemical expanded its CPVC resin production capacity through investment in TOKUYAMA SEKISUI COMPANY (Tokuyama Sekisui). This facility increased Sekisui’s CPVC resin production capacity from 33,000 metric tonnes to 40,000 metric tonnes per year. Tokuyama Sekisui is continuing to improve competitiveness through research into compound design technology and efforts to improve CPVC compound quality. Sekisui Chemical has also established a new production and sales company for CPVC compounds in Thailand.

Read more about product availability, test data, and company capabilities in the technical bulletin: Selvol PVOH as a PVC Dispersing Agent

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