9 Reasons to Use Selvol Polyvinyl Alcohol in Your Adhesive

Selvol Polyvinyl Alcohol is an excellent emulsifying and dispersing agent for a wide variety of materials. In particular, it is one of the most widely used polymers for the colloidal stabilization of vinyl-acetate-based emulsions. Polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) homopolymer and copolymer emulsions prepared in the presence of polyvinyl alcohol have a number of different applications including adhesives, paints, and textile finishes. Of these, the largest use of Selvol Polyvinyl Alcohol as a colloidal stabilizer is in the production of vinyl-acetate-based emulsions for adhesives. It’s properties include:

9. Crosslinkability

8. High Thickening Response

7. Low Degree of Blocking

6. Good Heat Resistance

5. Rapid setting speed

4. Good Wet Tack

3. Easy Clean-Up

2. Good Machinability

1. Improved Adhesion to Hydrophilic Substrates

For more information on formulating with Selvol Polyvinyl Alcohol, please contact our Technology Center or request a sample here.

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